Heat Exchanger


ASIAN BOILERS ENG. PVT. LTD. is engaged in manufacture and supply of Heat Exchanger. Under the strict supervision of the Expert Technicians and by using the state-of-the-art technology, these Heat Exchangers are manufactured using best quality material.

Heat Exchangers offered by ASIAN BOILERS ENG. PVT. LTD. are recognized in the industrial sector for its superior quality and performance.

Heat exchanger is a process of transferring heat between two or more fluids. Heat exchangers are used in process of both cooling and heating. When a fluid is used to transfer heat, the fluid could be in the form of oil or water or could be moving air. During the Heat exchange process, the fluids may split up by a rigid wall to block the mixing or they may be in direct contact. The salient feature of a Heat Exchanger is that it passes the heat without transferring the fluid that holds the heat.

We also manufacture Heat Exchangers like helical coil heat exchangers, double pipe heat exchangers, Counter flow heat exchangers, parallel flow heat exchangers.

Shell and tube heat exchangers types like helical coil heat exchangers and double pipe heat exchangers are available and used in preheating, oil cooling, and steam generation applications.

Counter flow heat exchangers are more systematic compared to parallel flow heat exchangers as they manage a consistent temperature variation between the fluids, over the complete length of the fluid track.

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