Smoke Tube Boilers, Fuel Grates, Water Tube Boilers, Mumbai, India

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Our Products
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We Manufacture & Supply Following Parts
  1. Manufacturing of High pressure, High capacity Boilers, Package, Hut Type, Composite, Water Tube Boiler on any solid fuel, Oil/Gas, Waste Heat Boilers etc.
  2. P.R.D.S. i.e. Pressure Reducing cum De-Superheating Station suitable up to 60 TPH & pressure from 110 Kg/cm2 to low pressure at Temperature range 540ºC to 120ºC.
  3. Fabricated steam separator / Strainer, De-superheating vessel.
  4. Steam distributing heaters, Boiler headers, H.P. Heaters, Steam generators.
  5. Super heater, New Economiser & Elements, Boiler bend tubes, Air preheater etc.
  6. Boiler Drum Internals primary & secondary SS chavaran seperaters for steam dryness, Steam separators, Boiler Silencers etc.
  7. Hot water boilers, Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, H.P. Heaters, Accumulator, Deareator & Feed Water Tanks, CBD/IBD Blow down tanks, Baby boilers,Sterilizer.
  8. Forged fittings like flanges/Elbows, reducers etc as per ASME/DIN/IBR status.
  9. Conversion of your oil fire boiler on solid fuel/FBC Bed/Pulsating Grate etc.
  10. Fuel Handling system, Fuel spreaders/Regulators, Bell breaker etc.
  11. Multi cyclone dust collector, Air lock valves, Wet-scrubbers.
  12. Stop valves, Soot blow valves, Feed check valves, Safety Valves, Mobery Level controller, Level gauges etc.
  13. Boiler instrumentation PLC/DCS, Three element level controller, Multi point draft/ Temp. recorders safety etc.
  14. Supply & erection of furnaces like Pulsating Grate/ Travelling Grate with hydraulic drive, Fix Grates, FBC/AFBC Grates etc.
  15. Fuel Handling System, Screw type/ Belt type/ Plate type Chain Conveyor, Bucket Elevater.
  16. Auto Instrumentation for Boilers with PLC & DCS system.
  17. Modification of boilers for fuel efficiency & higher capacity.
  18. Suger Machinery Plant, Jaggeri Plants, Distillery Units.
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