Package Boiler, 3 TPH Duel Fire Boiler, 4 TPH Coal Fire Boiler, Solid Fuel Boiler, Mumbai, India

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Package Boiler

3 TPH Duel Fire Boiler 4 TPH Coal Fire Boiler
5 TPH Coal fire Boiler Solid fuel boiler
Oil Fire Boiler

Package Boiler

is having more than twenty-six years of experience in Boiler Industry. For smooth and safe working of Boiler, we take all safety measures providing Mechanical & Electronic instruments. All our products are approved by authentic consultants and parties.

Package boilers are majorly used for heating and for self-powered industrial plants. These Package Boilers function as a steam generator.

Working of a Package Boiler:
Package boilers are triggered from fuel oil and appear like that of liquid or gas. Convection heating is used by the Water tube boilers, drawing the heat from the fire point, and flows against the generating tubes of the boiler, generating water inside those tubes to boil off into steam.

ASIAN BOILERS ENG. PVT. LTD. is engaged in manufacturing of different Package Boilers like 3 TPH Duel Fire Boiler, 4 TPH Coal Fire Boiler, 5 TPH Coal fire Boiler, Solid fuel boiler, Oil Fire Boiler using superior quality material.



Coal Fire Boiler

is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Coal Fired Boiler. We set up compact designed Coal Fired Boiler using cutting-edge technology and premium grade components. The Coal Fired Boiler offered by ASIAN BOILERS ENG.PVT.LTD has high reliability, availability, reduced erosion, high combustion efficiency, low emissions , enormous fuel flexibility and moreover is widely demanded by the customers for its low maintenance cost.

Coal boilers are generally used for water heating and creating steam for producing energy. Efficiency of Coal-fired boiler can reduce the operating costs compared to other fossil fuels approximately 75% less than oil or natural gas. Coal is one of the pristine fossil fuels available today if it is correctly handled and consumed.

Features :

• Highest coal/fuel to steam ratio
• Effective heat transfer in radiation zone
• Less carryover of ash content & dust particles in the smoke tube section
• Complete combustion within furnace and minimum unburnt carryover
• Lesser cleaning frequency compared to other membrane type boilers



Solid Fuel Boiler

manufacture Solid Fuel Boilers using standard components and configurations. Our 30 years of experience in this industry and commitment to our customers our skilled staff can operate even in harsh industrial environments and also can perform difficult experimental tasks too.

Very often, types of boilers that run on fuels like oil, electricity or gas boiler are used at home. So as a safety measure, a Solid Fuel Boiler must always be attached to a hot-water system or a radiator to utilize the surplus heat that is generated. Comfort of home heating helps to maintain the environment.

Energy saving and environment protection are the key concerns of Solid Fuel Boilers. These Solid Fuel Boilers are coherent, authentic and easy to use. Other heat sources can also be connected to Solid Fuel Boilers for high productivity and maximum energy savings.

Our dedication to quality and service is unmatched. ASIAN BOILERS ENG.PVT.LTD has provision of ultra-modern equipment to extend support in process of manufacturing, installation of Solid Fuel Boilers, operation assistance, troubleshooting to quickly respond to our customers requirements.



Oil Fire Boiler

ASIAN BOILERS ENG.PVT.LTD is an eminent name engaged in manufacture of Oil-Fired Boiler. We offer the Oil-Fired Boiler used for igniting waste gases like biogas from decomposition of organic substance in distilleries with superior quality and affordable cost to different business sectors, Industrial sectors and Residential complexes. Oil-Fired Boiler offered by ASIAN BOILERS ENG.PVT.LTD is suitable for its volume to burn Corex gas from the liquid fuels and steel manufacturing process.

A heating application like an Oil burner, burns #1, #2 and #6 heating oils, diesel fuel or other similar fuels. An Oil burner is connected to a water heater, boiler or an oil furnace. Oil Fired Boiler dispense the burning of heating oil/biodiesel fuel used to heat either water or air through heat exchanger.

Working of Oil-fired boiler:
Oil Fired Boilers leads the central heating through radiators and hot water to the taps in the Kitchen and Bathroom. The Oil-fired boilers majorly possess an internal storage to supply hot water. The temperature sensor is attached to the main control of the boiler. An electrical current is transmitted to the oil burner and switches it on to check for the temperature drop of the water below the set temperature.

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