Smoke Tube Boiler / Baby Boiler

1) The boiler shell made from boiler quality steel, with insulated body and coil is made from boiler quality tubes of standard 3059/I as per BSS standard, and it is fully automatic producing steam within 3 minutes of cold start & economizer for high efficiency.
2) A high pressure automising Jet Burner, a self cleaning oil filters, high pressure oil pump fuel oil pre heater, blower with adjustable air regulator & spray nozzle for firing system. The package unit consist with firing system, water tank, softener plant, steam separator for dry system.
3)The centralised control panel fitted with instruments and with audio & visual alarm for flame failure, high temperature of steam, low level in water tank, overload of blower, overload of B.E.P. this adds to the simplicity and saftles of the boilers.
4)The boiler does not require any foundation & comes as one unit & requires less space.
5)Our boiler can run on H.S.D./Kerosene/L.D.O./F.O. (Furnace Oil).
6) Asian boiler package steam boiler is fully automatic and easy to operate and there is no necessary of operator, in super steam boiler oil consumption is very less and operating cost is very low.
7) Can be Converted into hot water boilers.

Steam Generator

Smoke Tube Boiler / Baby Boiler

Steam Generators suitable upto 1500 Kg/hr. at pressure 7 kg/cm2 working on indirect heating on thermic fluid oil coil system.

Co-Generation And Export Power
Power is one of largest overheads in every industry. Coupled with global fuel deplation the need of the hour is for energy system that are sustainable renewal and environmentally safe.

Power Co-generation providing high-pressure boiler is parallel production of electricity on H.P. steam & backpressure steam for process heat in a single integral utility system with economically attractive benefits and as energy efficient process. Today co-generation has involved as the ultimate power generation solution for several industries and is actively being encouraged by the Government of India.

Our high-pressure water tube boiler & Package boiler are suitable for power Co-generation from 150 kW to 6000kW & above.

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